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We are a fiduciary and are fully committed to acting in your best interests in all we do. To that end, we are transparent, and we act with honesty, integrity, competence, diligence, prudence, and care. We fully disclose and fairly manage, in your favor, all unavoidable conflicts of interest.


We are not affiliated with a larger firm or beholden to a specific broker. We currently work with Interactive Brokers and Pershing and have the flexibility to work with any broker with which we desire to establish a business relationship. By being independent, our approach, solutions and management of your financial plan and investments are not influenced by anybody other than you. Again, we strive for 100% alignment with your interests.


We have the requisite in-house expertise to provide you with comprehensive and cohesive financial, investment, tax, and estate
planning strategies and solutions. To find out why these designations matter click here. Additionally, we work with a network of highly skilled professionals in their respective fields to ensure our clients have access to the highest level of knowledge and service.


Advisor fee structures have rightfully come under more scrutiny in recent years. At Glacier Investment Management, we believe in being 100% transparent when it comes to the fees we charge our clients. We are a fee-only advisor, which means we only get paid for the services we provide. All fees we charge, or the rate we charge, will be known in advance and thoroughly discussed before entering into any sort of client/advisor relationship. We do not collect commissions or referral fees. We only get paid to provide you high quality service consistent with your objectives. We strive for 100% alignment with your interests.

Other types of fee structures exist of which you should be aware. We provide an overview below so you can properly assess all your options in determining what is best for you.

Commission Based

Under this structure, an advisor gets paid commissions based on the products sold to clients. Sometimes this type of structure can lead to a conflict of interest where you are sold an investment product that may not be suitable for you or isn’t the best option for you. Be wary of commission-based fee structures.


Under this structure, an advisor gets paid a fee for services but also collects commissions on products sold. Similar types of conflicts of interest can arise under this structure as under a commission-based structure. Be very vigilant and ask your advisor how else he/she gets paid apart from the fee charged.  Be very thorough in your questioning to ensure you fully understand.

Innovative Tools

We use software and services that provide the critical information and insights you need to make the best-informed decisions possible about you financial plans and goals.

Dynamic Solutions

We develop, implement, and manage dynamic and robust wealth management solutions based on decades of experience and research that adapt to your evolving needs.

Behavioral Coaching

Through our decades of experience and education, we help you avoid the most detrimental behaviors and biases to your financial well-being.

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