June 12, 2018 glacierinvest

Let me start by saying that I’m an advocate for lower versus higher debt in my personal life and generally when it comes to the companies I invest in.

There has been a lot of consternation in recent years about debt levels as government deficits have increased, public pensions appear to have major shortfalls, corporations have ramped up their borrowing and as consumer debt has risen. There is certainly a tone out there that could cause one to not only be pessimistic but also to potentially worry excessively about the future. I want to be clear that I’m not discounting any of the debt concerns that have been raised. However, I have at times felt like the worrying has been overblown.

That said, I found this write up from the Fat Pitch incredibly insightful. I fully acknowledge my blatant confirmation bias in sharing this piece with you. I do believe, however, that it provides a balanced contrarian response to the many outspoken and distinguished debt worriers.

On a side note, Ken Fisher has been fairly outspoken about debt not being as big of an issue as many are making it out to be. Additionally, somebody at his firm wrote about how Social Security is still pretty secure in spite of well publicized concerns. Again, I’m not saying debt and Social Security concerns are baseless. However, I personally find it incredibly useful to find a contrarian opinion to the mainstream/consensus to help me formulate a more comprehensive understanding of what the actual issues are versus being spoon fed somebody’s biases and opinions.