Risk Management

“The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns”
-Benjamin Graham

While the majority of investors seem to focus on returns, risks can be easier to anticipate and manage as they tend to be fairly easily identifiable. We believe the prudent management of risk is one of the single most important factors in the financial planning and portfolio management processes. As a result, we spend a substantial amount of our time identifying and evaluating risks in the context of asset allocation, portfolio structure and ultimately goal attainment. We’re committed to optimizing our clients’ individual financial situations through the effective management of risk.


Rules-Based Investing

The biggest risk most investors face is themselves. Emotion and bias can lead to suboptimal decision making and unforced errors. One of the hardest things to do in investing is doing nothing. We’re hardwired to react to situations as they evolve. When emotion enters the room, our rational selves loses control and we can get into a lot of trouble, especially when it comes to investing.

We rely on data, predefined rules and a preset process to guide our investment decisions on your behalf. As a result, we largely avoid the negative effects of emotion and bias. We use these same tools (data, rules and process) to help dissuade our clients from making suboptimal investment decisions at the worst possible times.


Long-Term Perspective

We believe patience and discipline within the context of a well-designed financial plan and well-constructed portfolio are among the key drivers to financial goal attainment. The world and the investment industry, in particular, have become increasingly short-term focused. We believe it’s extremely difficult and likely impossible to consistently predict short-term events whether at the company, market or geopolitical levels. As a result, attempting to manage a financial plan or portfolio in the short-run for an individual or organization with a long time horizon is ill-advised, in our opinion.

We take a long-term perspective when managing financial plans and portfolios. We coach our clients to maintain long-term perspective with patience and discipline at the heart of that perspective. While it can be difficult to experience short-term pain, patient and disciplined investors tend to perform best over the long-run, which is what really matters for most.


Low Fees

Fees are the silent killer of portfolio returns and long-term financial goal attainment. We focus on fee efficiency in our financial planning, portfolio management and retirement plan advisory services. As a registered investment advisor (RIA), we are not beholden to brokers and can steer client portfolios towards low fee investment products, maximizing net returns to our clients. As a trusted partner, our priority is to assist our clients in achieving their personal financial goals. Low fees are one of the drivers of that process.